Saturday, February 20, 2010

All the Single Ladies!

Beyonce's hit song was not played at my cousin's wedding last week, but it would have been fitting. As this picture clearly shows, all the singles ladies had their "hands up". Well, most of uncle snapped this photo during the bouquet toss and then e-mailed it to me with this reply:

"PK, I'm disappointed to see how little effort you were putting out. You have to stick your hand out if your going to catch the fly ball at the park."

While I agree with his assessment, this old lady wasn't about to go head-to-head with the "drill team" in front of me. And don't even get me started on my cousin's four-year-old daughter McCall. She was out for blood! And that determination paid off! She actually caught the bouquet!

I guess I should take comfort that while I'm almost twice the age as most of these girls, I can still fool people. A few days before the wedding I was in Forever 21 trying on some sparkly outfits. I had a girlfriend with me, so I was frequently coming out of the dressing room to get her opinion. One such ensemble elicited this response from the sales girl: "Oh, my gosh! That is such a pretty dress! Are you going to your high school's Sweethearts Dance, too?"

The only response I could give her was: "Why, yes I am!"

Got to love today's youth! If they're not running you over to catch a bouquet, they're kissing your you-know-what to make a sale!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something a Little More...

While I was out in Anaheim last week for CHA, my sister Laurie was down in Oceanside taking some photos of the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Moffat. Just imagine an adorable family of three frolicking on a California beach at sunset. I saw some of the unedited images and they're simply stunning. While I don't have those beauties to show you, I do have the Moffats when they were in Texas a few weeks ago, just 48 hours after they officially said "I do."

I'll be the first to tout Laurie's photography skills, but there was definitely something magical in the air. Especially since Texas was experiencing below normal temperatures and "the air" was literally 17 degrees when Debbie and Jonathan took to a quaint little farm for their shoot. I'll let you be the judge if it's really good photography or something a little more...

Debbie posted these pictures and more on Facebook. It was so fun to read all the comments, either complimenting them as a gorgeous couple or my sister's photography skills. I've known Deb's mom for many years, but I never grow tired of her frankness. Her comment on this barn picture was: "Nice place for a rendezvous." And I'm sure it would have been if my sister hadn't been standing 10 feet away!

Congrats, Moffats!