Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sweet Peaches

Move over apple pie. Your reign is over. There's a new American obsession. Well, at least in the Smith/Hendrix family. Suddenly, we've all acquired a taste for sweet peaches.

Meet Helena Grace Hendrix (aka Peaches)

Photo courtesy of Laurie Ruth Photography
Born to my sister Holly on February 9, 2015, this little cutie has captured our hearts since day one. Auntie PK met her for the first time on Valentine's Day, and it was love at first sight!

It's hard to believe Ms. Sassy Pants is almost 6 months old. She most definitely has her mother's strong will and temperament, but she looks more like her Daddy every day.

And she definitely has "Gampa" (my dad) wrapped around her little finger. After seeing this video, I told my sister, "It's like he's never been around a baby girl before!" #dadto3

Like I said, this little human has learned to maximize her appeal. My dad is constantly bringing back cute clothes and accessories from his travels, like this kimono and cupcake hat! (Who is this man?)

I must confess, even I have fell victim to her charm. I now find myself scouring the baby aisles at Target and Old Navy in search of darling outfits, matching shoes and even bibs (she's a spitter-upper!). These are my favorite outfits to date...

Peaches has two aunts and we gladly share the title of "BFF".
Are you kidding me with this cuteness?
We like big bellies and we can not lie!
Every day, Peaches shows more and more personality and the grown ups and canines are eating it up.

Charlie is already her biggest fan and protector.
She's got the monthly onesie photo shoot down! P.S. Thanks to Megan Hoeppner for creating 12 of the cutest onesies that perfectly match her nursery. Click HERE to order your own custom set for an expectant mother! 
Peaches definitely doesn't miss a bottle, as evident by her chubby cheeks - a Smith trait for sure. She's already wearing 9-month clothing and will soon be transitioning into solid foods. Maybe even pureed peaches!

Did someone say pureed peaches? Yum!
"I make chunky thighs look good!
I spent the Fourth of July with this little firecracker, and my sisters and I had fun setting up a patriotic-themed photo shoot. Apparently I make the most goofy faces and was rewarded with...

The "God Bless America" sign is from my Paper Crafts days. Thanks to Laura O'Donnell for designing such a fun keepsake! 

There's nothing better than a baby's laugh. Keep working your Southern charm, Peaches!

Auntie PK (Your BFF)