Friday, April 30, 2010

Short and Sweet

I couldn't let April pass by with just one blog post, so as we near the end of the month, here's my second! Short and sweet...but then again so are these little ones. Meet the newest members of the Smith/Dame family:

Nixon Bradley Dame (born Feb. 17, 2010):

Nixon arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule, so he only weighed 4lbs. 15oz. My cousin Brooks (seen here) is 6ft. 5in. tall, so Nixon has a lot of catching up to do before he can wrestle with dad. Good thing his momma is an amazing photographer and can capture every sweet moment.

Elise Evelyn Dame (born April 19, 2010):

Elise was born to Brooks' younger brother Todd and wife Melony just last week! Named after her Mimi Evelyn, she definitely takes after the Smith side of the family with those cute, chubby cheeks. Looks like big "brother" Bentley (seen here) greeted her homecoming with a wet, sloppy kiss!

Welcome little ones!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Little Easter Bunny

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent some quality time with the family this weekend and ate way too much Easter candy. Although, on a holiday like Easter or Valentine's Day, I'm convinced the calories don't count. Just like I know the Easter Bunny is real.

Speaking of the Easter Bunny...I've been known to dress Lexus up in various costumes. Here's a picture from when she was a puppy. That was back when she'd let anyone put just about anything on her and you didn't have to worry about losing a finger in the process.

While Lexus enjoyed a costume-free holiday, her cousin Charles Woodrow didn't fare as well. (Yes, in my family, we even give the dogs middle names. Lexus' middle name is Victoria. She's named after the evil (but beautiful) vampire in Twilight who likes to BITE people!) My sister went all out with Charlie's wardrobe this year. I guess he had to look his best since he was attending some black-tie canine affair. Judging from his expression, it was a complete bore!

Sorry about your luck, Charlie! Maybe your momma will make it up to you by burning this picture.