Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make Pretty Stuff

I moved into my new apartment this past March, and I've slowly been organizing my craft room. The biggest hurdle has been sifting through 12+ years of product (does anyone remember Frances Meyer?) and deciding what I can live without (endless sheets of alphabet stickers) and what I absolutely can't part with it (all my pretty paper).

Easier said than done.

While I'm not ready for the big reveal just yet, I did find an accessory that matches my room perfectly...this green and hot pink memo board!

And since every memo board needs to be filled with all kinds of pretty stuff (thanks to Heidi Swapp for my new wall cling!), I made a simple card that incorporates some stamping, a fun embellishment and a sweet sentiment.

Now that I have one wall completed, maybe I'll tackle the closet next. It's overflowing with so much so stuff...stuff that's just waiting to be made into something pretty.


P.S. While out shopping this past weekend, I came across this cute chalkboard frame. I love the idea of being able to write and erase quotes, lists and notes as the mood strikes. And all with different colored chalks!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Adventures of Ham and Pam

Once upon a time, there lived two country critters named Ham and Pam. They grew up in a magical place called Earth, where the bees were always humming and the leaves on the trees resembled puffy hearts.

It's rumored that the bees sang so sweetly around these happy trees because each of the leaves were filled with a sweet nectar. Some say this how the little town of Splenda got its name.

Just on the outskirts of Splenda, Ham and Pam lived in small wooden house with one door and two windows (well, three if you count the small opening where the morning sun would come shining through). Though a simple home, it was set high on a hill and had beautiful views of the valley below. 

Every morning Ham would watch from one of these windows as Pam would set off towards town, where she worked as the city's mayor. 

The town's slogan was "Life is Sweet Here", and no one could argue with that.

Life was very busy for Pam, and Ham often joined her on the road as her official photographer. They traveled all over the world, and in each new place Ham would capture the highlights with his trusty camera.

Though Pam's status as a city mayor could get them any seat in the house, they preferred to watch baseball games from high in the stadium, as it reminded them of their quaint hilltop home.

And anytime Ham and Pam can sit underneath a forest of sparkling trees, Splenda is never far from their hearts, though they may be.


P.S. Stay tuned for more adventures from Ham and Pam!