Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Cruise Chronicles: The Book

Once upon a time, I wrote several lengthy blog posts called The Cruise Chronicles:
They highlighted my family's 2010 Caribbean cruise, which doubled as our family reunion. A reunion my generous grandma gifted to all 19 of us (and it would have been 25 but an uncle, aunt and four cousins couldn't make it!).

We did a little tribute for my grandma (aka Gigi) on board the ship (a sweet little slide show and some sentimental gifts), but I really wanted to give her something that would showcase all the great memories that were made on that trip. Enter Blog2Print! Here you can turn your beloved blog posts into a hardcover book!

You select the design and color of the book and then add your cover image and title.
You even get to write your own dedication for the cover page.
And no book would be complete without a Table of Contents.
The best part...the software does all the work for you! You simply enter your blog URL, pick the start and end dates you would like the book to include and then hit "Slurp"! It literally sucks up all the content and arranges it in a book format. You can edit the layout a bit and even include blog comments in your book.
And the final stages include picking a back cover image and adding a little blurb describing what your book is all about.
If you're new to Blog2Print, they'll throw some discount codes your way (usually 15% off your first book) and will periodically e-mail you additional discounts (usually around the gift-giving holidays). The prices vary according to number of pages and whether you go the hardcover or softcover route. The book I made for my grandma was probably 35 pages and cost me $25, plus shipping.

If you interested in giving Blog2Print a try, I just got an e-mail for their Mother's Day promotion. Enter "BloginBloom" to save 15%. It expires tomorrow (May 9), so don't delay!