Saturday, August 30, 2008

It Was Only A Matter of Time

I knew this would eventually happen. It was only a matter of time really.

All my friends are doing it.
All of my co-workers are doing it.
If my dog had access to a computer, I'm sure she would be doing it, too.

We have officially entered the age of "social networking" and I freely admit - I have succumbed to the big bad wolf otherwise known as peer pressure. Yes, I have started a BLOG. A big, scary adventure into cyberspace where my deepest, darkest thoughts will be revealed. (I've never been a fan of full disclosure, so hopefully my blog won't run into those muddy waters too often!)

What I do hope to accomplish is create a cozy little "parlor" where friends can pull up a chair, sip their morning coffee (or if they're like me and the adorable Melissa Phillips - a tall glass of refreshing Coke!) and get a daily dose of PK.

(BTW, I'll keep you posted on the whole daily thing. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.)

Happy Friday!

Lexus and I are off to catch up on Brangelina!