Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All in the Family!

This past August we held the Smith-Dame Family Reunion up in the gorgeous McCall, Idaho. I've already posted a few pictures from this fun Labor Day weekend, but I recently got my hands on some more great ones, so I thought I would show off the photography skills of one Cristi Dame. Despite the chilly temperatures that day, she was able to capture a lot of love!

We were so cold, we were all in favor of huddling close!

The predetermined color scheme was red, orange and yellow. Somehow me and my sisters all picked orange shirts, even though they came off more red in the pictures.

The Not-So-Orange Smith Sisters

My dad was totally rockin' his orange t-shirt. He obviously went the casual route. If you want to see a classic picture of my parents, make sure to check out their engagement photo at the top of my blog. I think they look pretty good for 53 and 55! Ssh! Don't tell anyone!

Here's my aunt and uncle and three of their five boys. Photographer Cristi actually set up the shot and then gave the camera to Tanner's girlfriend Darlene (below).

Ah! The happy couple! My sly aunt made sure Cristi took plenty of pictures in hopes an engagement would be announced shortly thereafter. No hurry, kids - this perfect picture isn't going anywhere!

My grandma and her handsome grandsons - Tanner, Brooks and Taylor

And I saved the best for last! Here's a cute one of youngest grandchild (Carter) and my grandma.

Thanks again, Cristi! Your amazing photos will be treasured for years to come. Lexus will be more cooperative next time!



Alice said...

Hi Kelly! what a cute family you have - I love that last photo of your grandma too...looks like you lucked out in the gene pool ;)

Beth Opel said...

LOVE family get-togethers! And way to predetermine a color scheme...love it! Your family is adorable...no wonder you're such a cutie.

Stacy said...

What gorgeous pictures! I have a feeling that some of them willbe popping up on your desk sometime soon.

susan opel said...

That was actually me. I was signed into a PC account accidentally. Woops!


celeste said...

big family photos are soooo hard, but these are fabulous!