Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cruella Deville

My cousin Ryan was recently out to dinner with his three-year-old daughter McCall. While they were waiting for their food to arrive, Ryan and McCall were practicing her letters on the menu. They got to the letter "K" and Ryan said, "Okay, now what word has the letter "K" in it?"

Without missing a beat, McCall said, "PK!"

When Ryan called to tell me this last night, I immediately let out a big "Ah, that's so sweet! I can't believe she remembers me."

But before I could let this little bit of news go to my head, Ryan said, "Wait there's more..."

Apparently McCall followed up this declaration with, "I want to talk to PK. She took my puppy!"

Aha! The moment of truth. I remembered for being a puppy snatcher. Hopefully McCall hasn't seen that classic Disney movie starring a crazy woman named Cruella Deville. I can just see Ryan's next dinner date with McCall...

"McCall, what word starts with the letter "C"?


McCall and Lexus in happier times. October, 2008.

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susan opel said...

Your hair is way better than Cruella's if it's any consolation!