Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something a Little More...

While I was out in Anaheim last week for CHA, my sister Laurie was down in Oceanside taking some photos of the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Moffat. Just imagine an adorable family of three frolicking on a California beach at sunset. I saw some of the unedited images and they're simply stunning. While I don't have those beauties to show you, I do have the Moffats when they were in Texas a few weeks ago, just 48 hours after they officially said "I do."

I'll be the first to tout Laurie's photography skills, but there was definitely something magical in the air. Especially since Texas was experiencing below normal temperatures and "the air" was literally 17 degrees when Debbie and Jonathan took to a quaint little farm for their shoot. I'll let you be the judge if it's really good photography or something a little more...

Debbie posted these pictures and more on Facebook. It was so fun to read all the comments, either complimenting them as a gorgeous couple or my sister's photography skills. I've known Deb's mom for many years, but I never grow tired of her frankness. Her comment on this barn picture was: "Nice place for a rendezvous." And I'm sure it would have been if my sister hadn't been standing 10 feet away!

Congrats, Moffats!


Sherry Wright said...

Oh my goodness, those photos are amazing.. your sis rocks!! Hope you're doing well, have a great week. :)

Sharon said...

Loved the photos. But I also liked the ones of all of you at CHA. Do people tell you that you look like the woman on The Office? You are just the cutest thing!
Can't wait for next year's CHA!!! I hope that they allow consumers to attend again.

Deb said...

Girl yer sister has some MAD MAD skills....I can't get over how dope they came out....noone would ever guess that we were frolicking thru cowpatties in ridiculously cold temps....not only does she have a great eye she is also patient as the day is long...she's a phenom!!!
I got sooooo many compliments on the pics we had at the reception that she took of us on the beach in Cali and of TX.