Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mimi's Magic

First came Gigi. Then came Mimi. This mother/daughter duo most definitely know their way around a sewing machine. (Sadly, I did not inherit this gene...despite the purchase of a child's sewing machine, a few lessons and the determination of one resourceful grandmother. Sorry, Gigi.)

Mimi is the mother of my five male cousins and the grandmother of McCall, who is quite the "Little" munchkin...

Photo courtesy of Cristi Dame
...and the recent additions of Nixon and Elise, who both just turned one this spring. Let's just say Mimi loves spoiling her granddaughters, but she still knows a thing or two about boys, as evident in Nixon's new superhero nursery:

Photo courtesy of Cristi Dame
Mimi has some crazy sewing skills! I wouldn't doubt if she is Superman's long lost sister. Click HERE to see more pictures of Nixon's new superhero digs. Can I just say I love the addition of Wonder Woman to the cast of characters on the wall? Plus, it looks like the room is agreeing with Nixon...he's already perfected his man of steel stare...

Photo courtesy of Cristi Dame Photography
To read more about Mimi's one-of-a-kind creations, visit her Etsy shop, Mimi's Magic.


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Megan said...

oh my gosh, this is awesome! Can she come create a Super room for me? Maybe use shots of Mr. Dean Cain in place of the cartoons? ;)

I seriously want to take sewing lessons. Let's talk soon.