Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Photo courtesy of Cristi Dame Photography
When was the last time a kid cracked you up with something they said? I just love how their little minds work.

My all-time favorite kid quote came from a girl who lived across the street and used to play with my younger sister. She had an adorable page boy haircut, bright blue eyes and way too much charm for a five-year-old. (She reminds me of another munchkin who's always making us laugh.)

I asked her one day, "Katie, how did you get to be so cute?"

Without missing a beat, she said, "God made me that way."

She said it so matter-of-fact, who was I to question her?

So, when I came across these cute greeting cards from Pelican Press, I just had to snatch them up right away!

What's the last funny thing you heard from a kid?


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