Monday, October 17, 2011

This Dog's Costume!

Lexus as a witch for Halloween, 2005 (The pumpkin belly belonged to her former mommy who was about to pop!)
It's that time of year again...Halloween! Lexus looks forward to Oct. 31 every year! Forget Valentine's Day or Easter. This holiday is all about Lexus' favorite past time: dress up!

First a witch, now a devil...I'm starting to see a dark theme here. 
Desperate to reinvent her image, Lexus went for a more playful costume for Halloween, 2008.
The pink wig was so much fun, Lexus went on to wear the most iconic wig of all time for Halloween, 2009. Unfortunately, the force was not with her that year... Princess Leia doesn't have whiskers!
So maybe this year Lexus will embrace her inner ogre. At least the whiskers can stay!
What do you think Lexus' best look has been? If you have any costume ideas for Halloween 2011, we're all ears!


1 comment:

dogsforlife said...

Loved the one of her in the devil costume, she looks very cute.
Our male husky/kangal mix wont have it, but may have to dress our female Pointer up this halloween, just for fun!