Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bella Who?

On Nov. 18, Megan and I got dressed up in our finest winter attire for the opening night of Breaking Dawn. Looks like Megan's personal invite from Edward arrived just in time!

Since it's a tradition to pose in front of the Twilight movie posters, we kindly asked two strangers to step aside so we could get up close and personal with Edward and Jacob. Oh, wait...Jacob's not on this movie poster! Just that skinny Bella chick. Luckily, we figured out a way to enhance the poster...

When you're snuggling with a cold-blooded vampire, it helps to wear layers!
Now it's Megan's turn to cozy up to her favorite leading man!
Our finest winter attire had another purpose this night. As soon as we snapped these photos, we walked outside and were greeted by the first snowstorm of the season. It was a slow process driving home, but it's not every day you get your picture taken with with a sparkly vampire. Go Team Edward!


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Megan said...

Ha! Good times, fo sho. Can't wait to do it again next Nov. :)