Monday, April 9, 2012

Pins, Peeps & Bears, Oh My!

Lexus and I went to Smith Lodge (aka my aunt's house) for a fine Easter feast. It was slightly delayed because my sweet uncle accidentally turned off the oven (instead of the timer) when they got home for church. That's okay...Eric has vowed to never touch the oven again! It's an Easter miracle!

Since we had some time to kill, I pulled out my camera and snapped Bonnie's latest Pinterest projects. Unlike me who pins ideas with the intent to recreate them, Bonnie actually does! Every time I come for a visit, she has added a new organizational masterpiece or holiday wonder to her home.

And Easter was no exception!

Some jelly beans and Peeps sweeten this pretty bouquet of flowers.
Peeps also found a home on Bonnie's infamous bundt carrot cake.
Watch out, Martha Stewart! Serious baker in the house!
Meet Bert the Bear. He joined the family last week (Costco, $29.99). As you can see by his choice of beverage, he has very good taste!
And just so you can get a feel for Bert's size, here he is next to Lexus! 
Hope everyone had an eggs-cellent Easter!

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