Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Tiered Bathroom Organizer

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One of my New Year's resolutions is to actually make some of the ideas I pin from Pinterest. I fell in love with this tiered bathroom organizer not only because it's functional, but it's also pretty and so easy to make!
 Supplies needed:
  • 2 plates (one dinner, one salad)
  • 1 candlestick 
  • Krazy Glue (if working with glass plates) or a clear-drying ceramic glue (if working with ceramic plates)

This DIY project only cost me $5 (minus the Krazy Glue, which I already had on hand). I found these glass plates in the "As-Is" section of IKEA. They were only $2 a piece! And I found the candlestick at Dollar Tree...for $1! 

To assemble, all you do is adhere a candlestick to the middle of a dinner plate, then top the candlestick with a coordinating salad plate. It dries pretty instantly. If you go with clear plates (as I did), make sure your Krazy Glue/Super Glue says it "bonds to glass".

This organizer can also double as a pretty serving platter at at party!
If you want to use the top plate to hold smaller items, make sure you select a plate that has a lip on it.
And there you have it! I'm still debating if I'll store nail polish, perfume or make it a random I-can-store-anything-here organizer. The possibilities are endless! If you've recently made a DIY project from a Pinterest board, I'd love to see it. Leave me a link and I'll check it out. Perhaps it will become my next DIY project!


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Cath said...

Super fun project, PK! And I've been feeling the same way you have--I look at so many projects these days that I have no time to *make* any of them. I love that you've actually gone and done it! Good for you! :)