Friday, December 6, 2013

Fiesta-Themed Couples Shower

Before Holly’s glamorous wedding, her bridesmaids threw her and Brent a Fiesta-themed couples shower in Dallas. Since Brent grew up in El Paso and loves Mexican food more than anything, this theme was a no brainer.

Holly’s seven bridesmaids divided up the assignments with her friend Alayna volunteering to host the party in her backyard. It must be said that most of the work was done by Alayna and her husband (who opened up their lovely home) and Chelsea, a fellow bridesmaid and party planner extraordinaire. My modest contribution was this umbrella wreath (an idea I found on Pinterest):

All you need to recreate this wreath is a Styrofoam circle, a bright ribbon, and a box of umbrella drink picks (I bought an assortment of 72 picks at Hobby Lobby for $4.99).
Alayna and her husband set up tables in their backyard and had a yummy fajita dinner catered with homemade tortillas. There was a Mariachi band playing some sweet Spanish tunes and even the light on-and-off rain added to the evening’s ambiance.

Chelsea pretty much handled the majority of the decorations, which included wild flower centerpieces for each of the tables, a fun display for her Margarita-flavored cupcakes and these colorful invitations:

After we finished eating, the guests were divided into 4 groups with someone from each group selected to be the “bride”. The objective was simple: create the most gorgeous wedding dress…out of toilet paper! The best part of this little game was someone managed to talk Brent into playing the role of blushing bride. And the first order of business was to strip him half naked so the magic could begin!

Then it was each bride’s turn to walk down the “aisle” to determine who had the best wedding dress, and more importantly, who wore their dress the best. 

The Toga Bride
The Debutante Bride
The Mummy Bride
The Sexy Bride
It was a tough competition, but Brent stole the show! 
Who knew toilet paper could be so versatile? :)


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Vera said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Love the idea of wedding dress competition using toilet paper! :D