Thursday, April 17, 2014


 I wrote this short story for a new initiative we're launching at work called mynt. Geared towards the Gen Y community, mynt is all about living life on your terms. More than just making money, it's about nutrition and fitness, having fun and giving back. #myntmoments are those random acts of kindness that we've been blessed to give or receive. This is my myntmoment. My story of random kindness.

Many people think random acts of kindness have to be over-the-top gestures that require a lot time to plan and execute. Nothing could be further than the truth. Sometimes the most appreciated acts of kindness are those spur of the moment surprises that just happen.

Last year I was standing in line at Subway waiting to order my sandwich. The line was extra long that day and I was extra frustrated that it was taking longer than usual. When I finally got up to the counter and handed the cashier my money, she said, “Your husband already paid.” When I gave her a very confused look, she returned the look and said, “The guy in front of you paid for your sandwich. Don’t you know him?” Before I could even answer her, I looked to my right to thank the kind stranger, but he was already out the door and on his way. He clearly wasn’t expecting a thank you nor wanting one.

I was struck speechless by this man’s generosity. But more than that, I was struck how a single, fairly insignificant gesture could affect me so profoundly. It was a $5 sandwich. Nothing more. It required very little effort on his part, but it created a heart full of gratitude on mine. So much so that I now look for similar opportunities to pay it forward without the expectation of being acknowledged or thanked.

Small random acts of kindness are really just spur of the moment surprises. Who will you surprise with your kindness? #myntmoment


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