Thursday, November 13, 2008

Call Me Booch, James Booch

Ms. Maxwell, aka Paper Crafts editor-in-chief Jennifer Schaerer recently posted a blog on the next installment of James Bond (which opens tomorrow!). In addition to being written in Ms. Maxwell's wickedly irreverent voice, it was supported by one very yummy picture of Daniel Craig. Danny Boy in blue swim trunks and not much else. Did I mention his toned physique? Yowza!

So while I'll be joining my girlfriends tomorrow night for our OO7 drool fest, I thought I would share some pictures of the next James Bond. You know, in 2o years when Daniel's face starts to sag a bit and his piercing blue eyes lose their hypnotizing effect. Sorry ladies, but it's bound to happen!

Meet my cousin Carter Smith, aka The Booch. A couple of years ago, Boochie was all about the pellet guns. His mom wouldn't let him have a bb gun, so pellets were the next best thing. I came over for a visit one day and found him lining up empty Coke cans for target practice.

What I found so interesting was his complete and absolute concentration. They way he held the gun, they way he cock his head - he literally became this little kick ass 8-year-0ld.

So Daniel, beware! Carter is coming for your job in 2028! In the meantime, me and Ms. Maxwell will enjoy Craig's "startlingly luscious iteration of an icon".

Poetry, Jennifer!



Ms. Maxwell said...

Power to The Booch! He's got it in spades...truly a possibility for the 2028 remake of Tomorrow Never Dies. I'll even forgive your blasphemy for suggesting that Daniel Craig's eyes will EVER lose their hypnotizing effect. *ahem*

Sherry Wright said...

What a cutie in a double oo7 kinda way, hope you had a nice time at the movies. :0)