Monday, November 3, 2008

Gone Hippie!

We take Halloween very seriously at work. We start planning our team costume months in advance and no detail is left to chance. This year we decided to be bell bottom wearin', flower exchangin' hippies. And boy was it a G-R-O-O-V-Y display of love, friendship and world peace!

We even went outside and communed with nature for a bit. Luckily the weather was still righteous enough for us to take our shoes off, clasp hands and sing a little song.

Then we just had to lay down and take a little nap. We were so tired after ingesting Stace's "magic" brownies. I just have to get her recipe!

Even Lexus joined in on the fun. A big thanks goes out to Carolyn Jolley who was brave enough to put Lexus in her pink halter top and jean skirt. And thanks to Jennifer who graciously allowed Lexus to sit on her lap for over an hour!

Can you believe this angelic face actually had the nerve to bite Jennifer's daughter's fingers? Sorry Mini Me! Lexus must have had one too many of those "magic" brownies!

Here's Lex and I with one of the scariest criminals on Die Cut Row - One Eyelet Hoeppner. (Since our office is so close to the state prison, Megan's team came dressed as inmates. Truly I think Megan came up with this idea so she could curse at us and get away with it!)

And here's Lex and I spreading our message of world peace and everlasting doggie kisses.

Hope you all had a groovin' Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Lexus doesn't look happy at all! :(

susan opel said...

You are one groovy chick, Kelly! Your vibe was somewhat instinctual, I think.

Megan said...

LOL A good time was had by all. And I have no idea what you're talking about. I was on my best behavior that day. ;)

Alice said...

thanks for sharing your great photos - looks like so much fun!