Thursday, October 30, 2008

Up to No Good On Mischief Night

I was watching Miss Kelly Ripa today and she mentioned that Oct. 30 is known as Mischief Night. She said growing up in her hometown, the kids would warm up for Halloween by pulling small pranks like tee peeing houses and overturning cars on their local bank's front lawn.

While I've spent the night wrapping treats for my co-workers and putting together my Halloween ensemble, I did have a momentary lapse in judgment. Call it mischief, call it curiosity, but I just couldn't wait any longer. The temptation was just too great.

So I gave into it... and before I knew it, my poor little dog found herself tied, velcroed, and coiffed for the big day. There was only one little problem... Halloween is not until tomorrow!

My sister Laurie bought Lexus this hot pink wig. I thought it would look cute with her Daisy Duke halter top and rhinestone-encrusted jean skirt. Just so you know, I never got the halter top on her!

And just for fun, I tried on her Shrek costume. I can't decide which costume she looks more scared in! Good thing I didn't pull out her Princess Leia ensemble. Those buns would have never stayed on!

So here's to a productive Mischief Night. I can't wait to see what's in store for Halloween!



Anonymous said...

Poor little Lexus! Now seriously..isn't the wearer of costumes suppose to scare others and not themselves! Run Lexus, run!

susan opel said...

Kelly - you are TOOOO much! I like the pink wig best!

Mandy said...

Great pictures! Too funny - I love her hot pink wig and would love to see the Princess Leah outfit. Have a great Halloween.
- Mandy

Brandy and Dave said...

The Halloween treats were fabulous and Lexus looks great. She is one stylin' pup!

rae said...

what a HOOT!!!! that wig is the best!

Megan said...

Wait a second. Aren't you the same Kelly who once gave me all sorts of crap for dressing up my pups? Funny how things change when you have a dog of your own, isn't it? LOL ;)

Love the costumes. She's one stylin' pup! Tell her that K9 Kisses and JACK-o-Lantern say "hi."

Deb said...