Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little vs. Lexus: Let the Games Begin!

By now you've all been introduced to Little and Lexus. At one point they were rival sisters, each vying for mom and dad's affection. One had the clear advantage of being the only child for many years and therefore was used to getting her way.

Then the real baby came along and everything changed. Suddenly a puppy dressed in a frilly dress wasn't nearly as cute as a tiny person dressed in a frilly dress. And no matter how hard she tried, Lexus couldn't help but resent this new "creature" who seemed to have mom and dad wrapped around her little slobbery finger.

So that's how Lexus came to live with PK. PK still thinks there's nothing cuter than dressing up small pups. And as much as Lexus hates admitting it, there's just something so right about slipping into a terry cloth robe after a hard day's work of gnawing on bones and listening to that da** Rafiki gripe about how Simba stole his thunder in The Lion King.

So last weekend when Little asked, "Where's my dog?", what was PK supposed to do? Disappoint a two-year-old? Never!

And while the reunion didn't go quite according to plan (Little wanted Lexus to play tea party; Lexus wanted Little to croak on her tea), the two of them "attempted" to play nice.

But Lexus' real friend for the night was Papa! (which is hilarious since Papa really doesn't care for dogs - especially hyper ones who love to give kisses directly on the mouth!)

So despite the ongoing Little/Lexus feud, PK still managed to have fun with Little. (Notice the cute Halloween outfit courtesy of Mimi. It even came with candy corn socks!)

But who needs candy corn socks when you're a stylish toddler with pretty painted toe nails? Too bad cousin Carter wasn't in the mood for pink toe nails. Maybe next time!

And maybe next time Little and Lexus will kiss and make up over a cup of English tea!



Megan said...

Little AND Lexus are so cute. I'm glad they were able to have a semi-happy reunion. Fun photos!

Deb said...

Little still prays for Lexus everynight . . .one of these days I am sure she will bring up the fact that she tried to bite her again. . .she made sure to tell me about it after it happened. Lex pup is probably thinking, " You little narc...I thought I was rid of you!".

Brandy and Dave said...

Kelly, you crack me up!! I loved the part about Lexus secretly loving the feeling of slipping on a terry cloth robe after a long day. And it's a shame that Lexus acts like she wants Little to could anyone, K9 or other, not love that cute face?! ~Brandy

Sue Neal said...

You brave, brave soul. My puppy only lasted 5 days. He's moved on to a happier, more well-adjusted mommy.

disa said...
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