Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Name That Editor... Me!

I wrote about my recent promotion a few weeks ago. While I'm settling into my new role quite nicely, there's one thing that's still missing... my title.

Technically it's "editor", but since that doesn't quite encompass all that I do, we've put together a little contest where our readers will decide my new title!

Yes, I "doctored" this little photo. It use to say "Celebrate World Card Making Day"!

To get our readers' creative juices flowing, I suggested a few names like "Web Wonder Woman", "Paper Crafts Cyber Girl", "Gallery Goddess", and my favorite..."Mistress of the Message Boards"!

And although the contest has only been going on for a day, the proposed titles are flooding in! Some standouts are "Super Cyber Specialist", "Cyber Czar", "Web Crafter Extraordinaire", "Digital Diva, and my favorite... "Queen of America"! (We're voting for a president in a couple of weeks. I wonder how hard it would be to add "Kelly Smith, Queen of America" to the ballot.)

And since this is a democratic society, we're accepting all title suggestions until next Monday, Oct. 27. From there, voting begins and my new title will be announced on Election Day, Nov. 4. To join in on the fun and perhaps win some cool prizes, visit Paper Crafts web site.

And check back here on Election Day. Maybe my dreams of becoming "Queen of America" will come true!


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