Thursday, October 9, 2008

America's Next Top Toddler

This past weekend my cousin's daughter "Little" McCall Dame visited Salt Lake City with her mom, my aunt and uncle, and two cousins. McCall affectionately refers to my aunt (her grandma) as Mimi and my grandma (her great-grandmother) as Gigi.

It's been six months since I've seen this little tot and not only has her vocabulary drastically improved in this time, but she's also developed quite the taste for fashion. (Of course, it helps when your Mimi loves to shop and spoils you rotten!)

After our yummy dinner at Gigi's and a dip in her indoor pool, Little was getting ready for bed, but became quite distracted by the contents of Mimi's overflowing brown bag. Peeking out from the top was something pink and frilly and totally girlie. And since Mimi was in the other room, one little peek wouldn't hurt anyone...

But then Mimi caught us red handed, but instead of being angry with us, she joined in on the fun, and getting ready for bed soon turned into "McCall's Fashion Show".

With her ballerina crown in place, Little twirled and danced to her reflection's delight.

And every ballerina princess needs a magic wand to complete the ensemble.

I couldn't resist snapping this shot! Mimi also brought a miniature tea set with her, so in between twirling in front of the mirror, Little would serve everyone a cup of tea. When you would say "This is the best tea ever!", she would reply, "It's not tea - it's water!" What made the statement even more funny was there was nothing in the tea cups!

Even Papa (my uncle) had fun with the pink boa Little wrapped around his head.

The next outfit was a little jumper that Mimi sewed for Little. The collared shirt had zoo animals on it and clever Mimi even found a tiny stuffed animal lion to sew into the pocket.

And we saved the best for last - The Little Mermaid. McCall's middle name is actually Ariel, so she 100% believes that she is THE Little Mermaid! And of course, out came another wand!

And since modeling can be so exhausting, Little helped herself to a yummy snack to keep her energy going. (This is one fashionista who has more important things to worry about than watching her figure!)

McCall, thanks for the magical evening of fairy ballerinas, tea parties and sparkling mermaids!


P.S. Stay tuned for my next post where Little discovers PK is the one who has HER dog! McCall: "PK, where's MY dog? Can we go see MY dog? I need MY dog!"

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Deb said...

How did I end up with such a cute lil stinker?!