Friday, October 17, 2008

I *Heart* Coca Cola!

There's sort of this running joke at work. Every morning, as soon as I sit down at my desk, I pop open my can of Coke and pour it over chilled ice cubes in my Coca Cola thermos. And as soon as I do it, I hear Brenda say over my cube wall, "Oh, Kelly's here!"

What's even more funny is I have left this thermos in so many places over the years (bathrooms, friends' cars, parking lots), but it always mysteriously finds its way back to me. Some might called it destiny or fate. I call it divine intervention. Coke and I were meant to share this life together. It's as simple as that.

Last weekend I went to the BYU-University of New Mexico football game down in Provo. As a former cougar, I always have mixed feelings about entering "P-Town". Yes, I have a lot of fond college memories, but I also had to routinely sneak REAL Coke onto campus (they only serve caffeine-free), and that required a lot of clever maneuvering, which got really old after four years. I often wonder if it had been readily available to me, would I have drunk less of it? Hmm... Maybe that's where my addiction started - at BYU!

So when my friend and I passed this concession stand on the way to our seats, I just had to snap a picture! I was half tempted to color in the word "free" with a black Sharpie and watch all the Cougars gasp in mortification!

But since it was so cold that day, my usual need for Coke was overruled by my need to stay warm, so I happily sipped on my hot cup of cocoa! (And therefore broke no rules!)

I'm off to go find my lucky Coca-Cola thermos for work tomorrow. Now where did I put it...



Brandy and Dave said...

You're such a rebel...sneaking contraband coke into the Y! Oh well, I would've done the exact same thing with my diet coke. Here's to fueling the addiction! ~Brandy

Sherry Wright said...

What a fun memory, I can just see you smuggling in the Coke. ;)

Melissa said...

You'll be happy to know I'm drinkin''s true. Can't possibly have too much of a good thing....right now I'm just trying to be a weekend drinker....but Mondays are a good day to drink too, don't ya think?

Susan said...

Funny - that's not what I smuggled onto my college campus! ;)