Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congrats, Grad!

This weekend I flew home to Dallas for my sister's MBA graduation from Southern Methodist University (SMU). For the last two years Holly has had to juggle quite the busy schedule. By day she was the bubbly pharmaceutical sales rep and by night she played the serious graduate student.

Friday night we broke bread at Holly's favorite restaurant Hibicus. Luck would have it, there was a cancellation in one of their private dining rooms, so we were able to have a nice, quiet meal with the family and a few of Holly's co-workers (who were so nice to pick up the tab!) Thanks Derek!

One of the nice things about attending a smaller school (and graduating in December) is there was only 900 doctorate, masters and undergraduate students receiving their diplomas on Saturday night. We had no problem picking Holly out of the crowd and zooming in on her with Big Louise (my sister's fancy camera).

After a record-breaking graduation ceremony (only 2 hours!), the business school hosted a small reception for the graduates and their families. My Dad loved this because there was plenty of finger foods and drinks to go around. (Translation: he didn't have to pay for dinner that night! He also managed to stumble across the graduate t-shirt table and all I will say is "While the cat's away...")

We thought it would be fun to poke fun at the fact that I'm the only Smith sister who DOESN'T have her master's degree. Just call me "Underachiever PK". You can find me and my lame bachelor's degree cowering in the corner with all the other slackers.

Congrats, Holly! We're so proud of you!

P.S. Holly, since I bought you a graduation gift, does this mean I'm off the hook for Christmas?


susan opel said...

A) Congrats, Holly! That's quite an achievement.

B) If I were still teaching, we would have been covering Francis Bacon and his penchant for parallelism right about this time of year.

C) I underachieve with you. I stand proud with my bachelor's degree!

Cath said...

Looks like you had a swell time with the fam, PK! Congrats to Holly and yeah, bachelor girls unite!

Megan said...

Who's the yummy guy with his arm around you? I hope he's not family, or I'm going to feel really creepy for even asking. ;)

Don't dis the B-degrees, my friend. Those three-letter merrits are over rated. ;) (Only kidding, Holly. You rock! I started my Master's, and it's a TOUGH road...why I've only "started" it.)

B and D said...

You are totally off the hook for Christmas. :) I'll also join your hand in the bachelor degree club. We are loud and proud.