Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cowboys Don't Take Baths

My sister Laurie recently started her own photography business called Laurie Ruth Photography. Since she's trying to build up her portfolio, often her friends and family members will pose for Big Louise (her camera). Below are some of her recent pictures:

Meet Beau Travis Pulliam. Beau Travis is 9 months old and the son of one of my sister's friends. He is betrothed to Ruby Belle Tarrant. (Yes, their parents are from the South!)

Ruby Belle was born two weeks ago to my sister's best friend. "Ruby" is after her maternal great-grandma and "Belle" is after her paternal great-grandma. Ruby Belle's dad is the biggest sweetheart in all of Texas. The day she was born he gave his wife a diamond and ruby necklace and said, "Dana, you're my diamond and our baby is my ruby."

Happy First Christmas, Ruby Belle!

That Beau Travis is a lucky boy!