Tuesday, December 15, 2009

While the Cat's Away...

I've literally lost a week of my life. Sicker than sick last week and I have nothing to show for it - except for two visits to the doctor (and maybe a few less pounds on the old bod...the one good thing of a stomach virus I've decided).

While most people are relishing this festive time of year, I'm trying to play catch up because I've lost a critical week. A week where the holiday decor should have gone up and the Christmas shopping should have been started, if not finished.

But just when I started feeling sorry for myself, I was given this little unexpected gift, a treasure really. I was looking through my files, trying to find some picture that would spark a memory and hence a blog post (because let's face it, anything can be a blog post these days), and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a video shot by my 11-year-old cousin dear!

Carter and I in simpler, happier times...

Huh, I think to myself. When did Carter have access to my laptop? Oh, right...when I stayed with him and his brothers a few weeks back while his parents were at a trade show. But then, how did he figure out my password to login? I'll have to figure out that mystery later.

So, since the boy wonder was obviously having fun and using MY property to do so, what's a little look-see, right? I mean, if he was smart enough to figure out HOW to record, he's obviously smart enough to figure out HOW to delete. Too bad he forgot that crucial step...

Merry Christmas, Carter! Oh, and I'm only showing the video that DOESN'T have repeated foul language in it. Just wait until Mommy sees the other three!


P.S. Cart-man, you're probably wishing you hadn't turned down my Facebook request, huh? Payback is a &*%$#! (But you're already familiar with that word, aren't you?) :)

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