Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nobody Puts "5-Star" in a Corner

My little sister just posted some more pictures from her Splendor in the Grass photo shoot with my middle sister Holly, who we affectionately call "Hollywood" or "5-Star". The 5-Star nickname actually refers to her preference for "5-Star" restaurants and hotels. Hey, when you're 30, flirty and fabulous, you got to have some standards!

It seems"5-Star" is channeling her inner princess/goddess in these pictures. After all this attention, she just might start referring to herself as "10-Star"!

I love that Laurie was able to not only capture Holly's flare for the dramatic, but she also captured the essence of her - a happy, confident girl who lives life to the fullest. To see larger pictures (and many, many more of them!), click on over to Laurie's photography blog, Life Through a Lens.



Megan said...

Love the photos. When is it your turn to get in front of the camera? I want to see 5-Star PK do her thang.

Another photo I enjoy is your photo of the week. Go Team Edward! ;)

Becky said...

Those are such glam pics!
Love that nickname, so fun! I am with Meg, it would be great to see you get in front of her lens!

Laurie Smith said...

c'mon pk - i'm ready when you are.

Hollywood said...

Haha! Just don't show daddy these pics, I already know he won't approve! :)

disa said...
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