Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Lex Mop

What does a girl do when she spills half her spaghetti dinner ALL over the kitchen? After uttering a profanity or two, she quickly reaches for her new revolutionary cleaning agent.

"Oh, Lexus..."

I LOVE spaghetti-all-over-the-kitchen day!

Forget the Swifter...Lexus can reach all crevices.

This totally beats my boring Kibbles and Bits!

Have a messy spill? Forget paper towels and expensive cleaners. Call 1-800-LEX-MOP for your free, 30-day trial. If not completely satisfied with the results, just return the Lex Mop - no questions asked. Disclaimer: In addition to cleaning up messes, Lex Mop is known to make a few, too!



jeff1smith said...

did you give her a greenie for dessert?

PinkPug,INK. said...

:) My Cinnamon also cleans up my messes. Every cook needs a dog/mop.