Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are You Having Diva Day?

Today I had the opportunity to be on the online crafting show Diva Craft Lounge. Hosted by Danielle Forsgren and Rayme Royale, the show literally has a global reach as they now broadcast in 95 countries.

With so many exciting things going on at Paper Crafts, we had no trouble filling the time - in fact I think we went over. We talked about the magazine's new blog Paper Crafts Connection and our new special issue Stamp It! Cards.

If you're interested in hearing me gab (and have 20 minutes to spare!), click here. If not, no hard feelings. Although if you're related to me, it's your duty to listen and tell me if I talked too fast, sounded nervous, nasally or Southern.

Have a Diva Day!


susan opel said...

You were great, you lucky charm! Not too southern or fast - just right! :)

B and D said...

I agree with Susan; you're a natural. The whole show sounded fabulous!

Alice said...

How fun - you're definitely a natural!