Sunday, February 8, 2009

Selling with the Stars

I've been a fan of ABC's Dancing with the Stars since the very first season. I love how they can turn uncoordinated, washed-up stars into overnight dancing sensations with a little bit of training and a very good make-up and wardrobe department. And the spray tanning doesn't hurt either.

So you can imagine my total surprise when my own uncoordinated sister Holly (sorry, babe) announced to the family that she too was going to be on this hit reality show. Excuse, moi? How does a pharmaceutical rep from Dallas get on THE Dancing with the Stars? This girl has always been lucky (her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day), but c'mon!

Holly has always had a thing for fancy gowns!

Turns out, we were all mistaken. It wasn't Dancing with the Stars she was going to be on. It's Selling with the Stars. It's a new dance show sweeping the pharmaceutical industry. It's where attractive and toned reps battle it out to see which product performs the best under pressure. Holly just sent me a demo video to preview. I guess their pitching the networks next week. Can you imagine my little sis tango-ing her way to the top. In the world of pharmaceuticals, nothing is impossible!

Enjoy the show!

P.S. In all seriousness, Holly spent last week in Las Vegas at her company's annual sales conference. They thought it would be fun to put this little video together to motivate everyone to sell. When it came to picking their star, Holly, who has some acting under her belt, was the obvious choice. They even flew her up to New York for the shoot. Like I said, nothing is impossible in the world of pharmaceuticals!


celeste said...

so clever, i love it! when is Paper Crafts going to sponser "Crafting with the stars"? i'm so there!

John said...

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