Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lexus' Birthday Wish

Lex-Pup's 49th birthday is tomorrow!

She was leafing through one of my interior design magazines and absolutely fell in love with this sunny day bed. She said she's waited almost 50 years to have a bed like this one. A place where her and Rafiki can lounge in the sun, sip pina coladas and flip through more interior design magazines!

Can anyone make her dream come true?

I sent this request out to my family and this is how they responded:

Ryan: "Lex-Pup obviously does not know we are in a recession."

Bonnie: "Collin is sooooo in! You know how much he loves that dog!"

Brooks: "Lex needs to learn to be happy with an old blanket and a crate. Send her up North and her Northern cousins will get her in check."

Debbie: "I will drink some water out of the toilet and lick clean McCall in her honor."

Collin: "You've gone off the deep end if you think I care about what that rat wants for its birthday."

Collin, Lexus apologized for that time she kissed you with tongue. She just couldn't help herself!

Happy birthday, Lex!


Kalyn Kepner said...

Happy Birthday, Lexus! I hope her wish comes true :)

Alice said...

What an adorable pup! Those eyes are so sweet - hope she enjoys her birthday :)