Monday, June 15, 2009

There's No Place Like Home - Part 1

Last weekend I flew home to The Lone Star State for my youngest sister's 27th birthday. My middle sister used her sales rep connections and got us a dinner reservation at the new restaurant 560 by Wolfgang Puck. Housed inside the 560 foot-tall Reunion Tower, the restaurant offers 360-degree views of downtown Dallas as the dining room actually revolves!

View of Reunion Tower from the street.

View of downtown Dallas from our table.

I had my own little "reunion" as I snapped this picture of the Dallas skyline. I worked in the tallest building you see here for three years. My work commute is much different now!

Cute picture of me and the middle sister, Holly. Prior to dinner that night, we were ladies of leisure as we lunched, shopped and got matching mani's and pedi's.

Sexy picture of the mama. I'm pretty sure you'll find this on!

With our bellies full of non-seafood (560 specializes in sushi...a big no-no for ALL of the Smith girls!), we posed outside while good ol' dad brought the car around.

A vertical view of Reunion Tower at dusk. During the holidays, the lights randomly blink like they're set to Christmas carols!

Yes, these are Christian Louboutin's pumps. Sadly, not mine. The middle sister let the birthday girl wear them for our evening out on the town. When she kicked them off that night, I just had to squeeze my size 9 foot into these 8 1/2 beauties. Ssh! Don't tell Holly! (And just in case you're wondering, they're the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn! Beauty is pain, people!)

Laurie, I hope you enjoyed your high society birthday!


P.S. Part 2 is much more my speed. Stay tuned!


Brandy and Dave said...

Kelly it looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. I've never worn a pair of super duper fancy shoes like that. The jealous part of me is glad that they are uncomfortable so I won't feel bad about not owning a pair. :) I'm looking forward to There's No Place Like Home Part 2.

susan opel said...

And I think that perhaps they were uncomfortable because they were too small. Ooh la la - that red sole is divine, though!

I am quite jealous of snazzy dinners in the sky, manicures and pedicures, and time spent with momma! :)