Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to Paradise!

I recently had the opportunity to join my mom and grandma in gorgeous San Diego for a little vacation. We stayed at Paradise Point Resort & Spa, which is located right on the ocean and next door to Sea World.

Anyone fancy a swim?

Considering my grandma is 88 years old, she did extremely well with all the traveling. It must have been that cool California air that agreed with her so much.

Here's a view from our beachside bungalow.

Same view at sunset.

Here's a view from Nick's at the Pier Restaurant in nearby Ocean Beach.

I basically invited myself along for this trip. My mom planned a little reunion with many of my grandma's nieces. I was definitely the youngster in this crowd, but it was great to hear all the old stories and look at the black and white photos everyone passed around.

Cute picture of my grandma and her niece Nancy.

We even enjoyed a Sunday dinner at cousin Sondra's house. Since the weather in California is consistently consistent, everyone relaxes outside on their beautiful patios, complete with...

REAL lemon trees!

Here's a group picture of all the cousins.
Back row: Frankie, Sondra, Barbara
Front row: Nancy and my mom

Although our last day was a little overcast, I still managed to snap this cute shot of mommy dearest on the beach. Did you know that sand is a natural exfoliant for the feet?

Since mom and I were both born in the Golden State, we'll always be just a couple of California Dreamin' gals!

Until we meet again...

So long, Paradise!

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