Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Return of The Little

About a month ago, my cousin Ryan called me on a Saturday night. He was flying through Salt Lake City on his way home to Phoenix. He had a very tight connection and wasn't sure if he was going to make it. If he didn't, he wanted to see if I could pick up him and his three-year-old daughter McCall (The Little) from the airport.

I was selfishly praying to the airplane gods that Ryan would miss his flight. I don't get to see McCall very often, so it's always a treat when this "little" ray of sunshine comes for a visit. She's still convinced I'm "babysitting" HER dog Lexus, so whenever she is in town, I try to reunite the two of them (whether Lexus wants it or not).

Luckily, the airplane gods were on my side that night. To celebrate we went to Baskin Robbins for late night treat. (You can always count on Auntie PK to feed your children sugar right before bedtime!) Here McCall is showing me what color her cotton candy-flavored ice cream turned her tongue! Yum!

Even though McCall claimed she was finished with her ice cream cone, when Daddy went to throw it away, out came the water works. (I'm sure being tired had nothing to do with it!)

But the tears quickly dried up when we pulled up to GG's (Great-Grandma's) and McCall got to walk HER puppy down the steps and into the building.

As always, McCall has lots of hugs for her GG!

Ever the jealous sister, Lexus climbed up on GG's lap to stake her claim. Notice the left paw.

But the highlight of the night came when Daddy let Lexus lick the rest of his ice cream bowl. (I guess his shake at Baskin Robbins didn't quite satisfy his cravings.)

But the highlight of my night was when both of my girls climbed up on my lap for a snuggle!

Then it was time to go bed because this "little" traveler had a early flight the next morning. After a quick pat on Lexus' head, McCall skipped down the hall to dream some sweet dreams of cotton candy-flavored ice cream and puppy kisses.

See ya soon, McCall!

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