Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's World Card Making Day Somewhere!

Happy WCMD! I've technically got 24 minutes left on 10/03/09 (yes, I'm the eternal night owl), so I thought I would do a quick post to commemorate this special day.

I intended to get to my friendship cards that I owe for card group, but I found myself working on different project. My sister Holly recently returned from an amazing trip to Greece. As I was looking through all of her pictures, it occurred to me that I had never done anything with the pictures from our trip to Cabo San Lucas a year ago. (Holly is a pharmaceutical sales rep and won a free trip to Cabo. Since she and her boyfriend were broken up at the time, I was the lucky one who got an all expensed trip to paradise!)

Since the weather had turned remarkably cold here all of the sudden (is it too much to ask for six weeks of perfect fall weather?), I've been longing for those balmy summer days when the only decision I had to make was: Do I feel like a Coke or a pina coloda right now? Tough life, I know.

The view from the balcony of our hotel room.

Here's Holly and I soaking up the sun on a party boat.

Here's one of the landmarks of Cabo - El Arco (The Arch).

Needless to say, after a week of party boats, snorkeling, spa massages and yes, those sinful pina colodas, I owed my sister big time. I'm pretty sure I sent her a little care package of all her favorite things - Walgreen's gift card, Mojito-flavored gum, Santana CD, etc. After today's inspiration from World Card Making Day, I can add this gift as a final token of my appreciation...

So even though it's a cover to a mini album, you could totally make this into a card. And if you ask me, that's really the heart of World Card Making Day - finding inspiration to create something tangible, heartfelt and then sharing it with someone you love.

Speaking of sharing, there's a HUGE giveaway over on the Paper Crafts Connection blog! You've got until midnight on Monday, Oct. 5 to leave a comment and be entered to win one giant jackpot of a prize! Disclaimer: It's not a trip to Cabo, but definitely right up there!

Happy WCMD!

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