Monday, October 12, 2009

So Many Reasons...

There's so many reasons why I adore this man...

1). He doesn't wear any deodorant. It's a little gross, but he's THAT confident that his natural smell is a-okay. Gotta love that!

2). His "I-am-from-Texas-and-proud-of-it" accent is so sexy!

3). He has a ice maker in his house that just dispenses crushed ice - just like Sonic. If you know anything about Texans, we take our ice very seriously!

4. He made no apologies for the whole "neked bongo" incident. And it's "neked", not "naked".

5. He sures knows how to pick some good reading material!

Thanks to Miss Stace Hasegawa for uncovering Matthew's hidden obsession!


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