Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my dear old Mom's birthday! Since I couldn't be in Texas to celebrate it with her, I sent along a little care package with a few of her favorite things. I'm big into making mixed Cd's, so I included my most recent compilation amongst her gifts. Little did I know, but when I called to wish her a "Happy Birthday", she said, "How did you know 'Say' (John Mayer) is one of my favorite songs?" I replied, "I'm just that good, Mom!" (Actually 'Say' is one of my favorite songs too, so it was a lucky guess!)

My sisters and Dad took Mom to lunch and then Holly and her spent the rest of the afternoon as "ladies of leisure" at the spa. (I'm still trying to figure out how Holly wormed her way into that perk!) Later, Laurie gave my Mom one of the pictures my cousin's wife took at our recent family reunion. Getting three girls to smile on cue (but not look forced) is a serious talent! Not to mention, it's rare that we actually ALL like the same photo, so bravo Cristi!

BTW, I have to give props to Stace Hasegawa, our brilliant art director at Paper Crafts. She was nice enough to Photoshop our unruly flyaway hair. It was extremely windy that day!

Here we are on the boat dock looking out to the lake. It was only later that we realized Holly left her jacket on. Oops!

While this is not the most flattering picture of myself (two words: food baby), it's a really cute one of my sisters.

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!


Brandy and Dave said...

These pictures are AMAZING...and I wouldn't have even noticed the appearance of a food baby if you hadn't pointed it out! ~Brandy

beth opel said...

You are the cutest! Love you in RED!

And Happy Birthday to your mommy!

Sherry Wright said...

Oh my goodness, these photos are stunning!!! You and your sisters are gorgeous. ;)