Monday, September 8, 2008

P is for Puppy

Many of you know that I recently became a mother for the first time. I "inherited" my cousin's Italian Greyhound, who goes by the name of Lexus. What you may not know is Lexus and I go way back...

I still remember the day her mom and dad brought her home. She was actually a present for her Daddy's 25th birthday. Apparently the minute they locked eyes, there was no turning back.

Yep, that's little Lexus cradled in Ryan's arms. She really was THAT small!

Over the next few months, we all fell in love with our little girl, who affectionately became "Lex-Pup". Ryan even wrote Lexus her very own theme song. It went something like this:

"P is for puppy, she's good enough for me.
P is for puppy, she's good enough for me.
P is for puppy, she's good enough for me...
Puppy, puppy, puppy starts with P!"

This is what happens when 20-somethings are bored and come across a pair of bunny ears!

And even though we were entertained, Lexus quickly became bored with all of our antics!

So bored that she actually fell asleep!

When Deb was pregnant a few years back, Ryan painted her tummy to look like a pumpkin. Lexus joined in on the Halloween fun and dressed up like a witch.

I think she plays the role a little too well. There's a sinister look in those eyes!

And then she was a devil another year. Hmm... Witch, devil - should I be worried?

And while I do harbor some guilt over my part in the "dress-up" years, my one assurance that life is okay for this little dog is her unnatural but healthy love affair with a stuffed monkey. He goes by the name Rafiki. You many remember him from The Lion King. He got rave reviews, but that lame lion cub completely stole his thunder. Anyway, I digress... From the moment my mom brought out Rafiki, Lexus' life has never been the same. They play together, watch TV together, snuggle together and they even do something else together. Well, Rafiki doesn't really have a say about it, but he's always wearing a smile!

So fast, so quick, Lex-Pup is always on the go.
She dances through life with her Rafiki in tow.

She jumps, she barks, she kisses with tongue.
Who knew loving Lex-Pup would be so much fun!



Brandy and Dave said...

Kelly, you'll have to dress Lexus up to match our Halloween theme at work. Can you picture her with an eye patch and a pirate bandana around her head?! Oh, I love the part about the lion cub stealing all of Rafiki's thunder...made me laugh! ~Brandy

laurie smith said...

pk - get a real child.

Sue Neal said...

Oh Kelly. HE IS ADORABLE. I want him. Can I have him? Pleeeeeeze? Sue

Megan said...

LMAO! You're killing me. Aren't you the same girl who gives me shiz for dressing my dogs up? The question is: will Lex Pup sport a costume this year, under the care of PK? Oooohhh...I can't wait to find out what the answer will be. LOL!

And your pup poem is too cute! I LOVE your blog. :)

Sherry Wright said...

Way too cute, loved the parade of outfits photos. Thanks for the laughs and awww... moments. ;)

Deb said...

I almost swallowed my tongue, I was laughing so hard at that rafiki one...I forgot about that! Were you there that one time that Lexpup and Harley dog were fighting over Rafiki and then Lexus started to get busy on him too? Man . . . I am a dog perv.

Deb said...

BTW, I bought a slew of dog costumes for Lex last year after Halloween. . . you need to have Beef grab them. I think they are under Littles bed in a container. I think there is a princess Laia one and a police one too. You need them!